Airbnb Host Checklist: Happy Guests and 5-Star Reviews

airbnb host checklist

Welcome to the exciting world of AirBnB hosting! Crafting an unforgettable experience for your guests requires attention to detail. This comprehensive AirBnB host checklist ensures you’ve got every base covered, from the first impression to the farewell. Let’s transform your space into a five-star haven that guests will rave about. Feel free to download your copy of our free printable AirBnB host checklist.

AirBnB host checklist:

1. Master the First Impression:

☐ Clear Communication: Send a warm welcome message with detailed check-in instructions and essential details to eliminate any pre-arrival jitters.

☐ Spotless Entryway: Make a lasting first impression with a spotless entry. Sweep away leaves, and make sure the welcome mat is inviting.

2. Bedroom Bliss:

☐ Fresh Linens: Provide crisp, clean sheets for a comfortable night’s sleep.

☐ Thoughtful Touches: Add a personal touch to the bedroom, like a bedside lamp, quality reading material, or a small bowl of snacks.

3. Sparkling Clean Bathrooms:

☐ Stocked Essentials: Ensure the bathroom is well-stocked with soap, shampoo, and fresh towels.

☐ A Touch of Luxury: Elevate the bathroom experience with a plush bath mat or scented candles.

4. Kitchen Confidence:

☐ Basic Cookware: Equip your kitchen with essentials for a quick snack or a gourmet meal.

☐ Coffee Heaven: Set up a coffee station with quality beans and a reliable coffee maker.

5. Entertainment Essentials:

☐ Wi-Fi Wonderland: Ensure robust Wi-Fi with the password easy to find.

☐ Local Recommendations: Provide a list of favorite local spots—restaurants, cafes, and must-see attractions.

6. Safety First:

Emergency Information: Have a clear list of emergency contacts and instructions.

☐ Smoke and CO Detectors: Regularly check and replace batteries for a secure environment.

7. Check-Out Charm:

☐ Clear Instructions: Simplify check-out with crystal-clear instructions.

☐ Farewell Gesture: Consider a small farewell gesture, like a thank-you note or a discount for future stays.

8. Decor Delight:

☐ Tasteful Decor: Create a welcoming atmosphere with tasteful decor that reflects your personality.

☐ Comfortable Seating: Ensure there’s comfortable seating for relaxation.

9. Tech Savvy:

☐ Smart Home Features: Consider implementing smart home features for added convenience.

☐ Device Charging Stations: Provide charging stations for electronic devices.

10. Guest Comfort:

☐ Climate Control: Ensure proper heating or cooling for guest comfort.

☐ Extra Blankets and Pillows: Provide additional bedding options for varying preferences.

11. Communication Hub:

☐ Guest Manual: Create a comprehensive guest manual with essential information.

☐ Prompt Responses: Commit to responding promptly to guest inquiries and concerns.

12. Outdoor Oasis:

☐ Maintained Outdoor Spaces: Keep outdoor areas well-maintained and inviting.

☐ Outdoor Seating: Provide comfortable seating for guests to enjoy outdoor spaces.

13. Cleaning Regimen:

Regular Cleaning Schedule: Stick to a regular cleaning schedule for all areas.

☐ Deep Cleaning Rotations: Plan for periodic deep cleaning sessions.

14. Guest Privacy:

☐ Secure Personal Items: Provide a secure space for guests to store personal items.

☐ Respectful Distances: Respect guest privacy and maintain respectful distances.

You’ve just equipped yourself with the ultimate Airbnb host checklist. By implementing these tips, you’ll not only meet but exceed guest expectations turning your Airbnb into the preferred destination for travelers seeking a flawless and memorable stay.

Airbnb Inventory Checklist


  • ☐ Bed Linens (sheets, pillowcases, duvet or comforter)
  • ☐ Extra Blankets and Pillows
  • ☐ Bedside Tables with Lamps
  • ☐ Hangers and Closet Space
  • ☐ Curtains or Blinds for Privacy
  • ☐ Full-Length Mirror
  • ☐ Waste Bin


  • ☐ Towels (bath, hand, face)
  • ☐ Bath Mat
  • ☐ Shower Curtain
  • ☐ Toilet Paper
  • ☐ Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash
  • ☐ Hairdryer
  • ☐ Toothbrush Holder
  • ☐ Waste Bin
  • ☐ Toilet Brush


  • ☐ Cookware (pots, pans, baking sheets)
  • ☐ Cooking Utensils (spatulas, ladles, etc.)
  • ☐ Plates, Bowls, Glasses, and Cutlery
  • ☐ Coffee Maker or Kettle
  • ☐ Toaster
  • ☐ Microwave
  • ☐ Dish Soap and Sponges
  • ☐ Trash Bags
  • ☐ Basic Pantry Items (salt, pepper, oil)

Living Room:

  • ☐ Comfortable Seating (sofa, chairs)
  • ☐ Coffee Table
  • ☐ Entertainment System (TV, streaming services)
  • ☐ Cozy Throw Blankets
  • ☐ Board Games or Reading Materials
  • ☐ Curtains or Blinds for Privacy
  • ☐ Adequate Lighting (floor or table lamps)

Work/Study Area (if applicable):

  • ☐ Desk and Chair
  • ☐ Adequate Lighting
  • ☐ Power Strips or Outlets
  • ☐ Office Supplies (pens, notepads)

Outdoor Spaces (if applicable):

  • ☐ Outdoor Furniture (chairs, tables)
  • ☐ Umbrella or Shade
  • ☐ Outdoor Lighting (string lights, lanterns)
  • ☐ BBQ Grill (if permitted)

Cleaning Supplies:

  • ☐ Broom and Dustpan
  • ☐ Mop
  • ☐ Vacuum Cleaner
  • ☐ Cleaning Cloths or Sponges
  • ☐ Trash Bags
  • ☐ Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • ☐ Laundry Detergent (if a washer is provided)

Safety and Essentials:

  • ☐ First Aid Kit
  • ☐ Fire Extinguisher
  • ☐ Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • ☐ Emergency Exit Information
  • ☐ Contact Information for Emergency Services

Guest Manual:

  • ☐ House Rules
  • ☐ Wi-Fi Network and Password
  • ☐ Local Recommendations (restaurants, activities)
  • ☐ Check-Out Instructions

Regularly updating and maintaining this Airbnb inventory checklist ensures that your guests enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free stay. It also helps you keep track of essential supplies that may need replenishing over time. Happy hosting!

AirBnB Hosting FAQ:

Q1: What’s the key to a positive guest experience?

A: The key lies in attention to detail. From the initial welcome to their departure, focus on creating a seamless and enjoyable stay by anticipating and addressing their needs.

Q2: How can I enhance communication with guests?

A: Open and clear communication is crucial. Respond promptly to messages, provide detailed check-in instructions, and keep guests informed about any relevant information during their stay.

Q3: What amenities should I prioritize for guest comfort?

A: Prioritize comfortable bedding, quality linens, basic toiletries, and a well-equipped kitchen. Small touches, like a coffee station or extra blankets, can make a big difference.

Q4: How can I make the check-in process smooth?

A: Provide detailed directions and access instructions. Consider a keyless entry system for added convenience. A personalized welcome message can also set a positive tone.

Q5: What if issues arise during their stay?

A: Address issues promptly and professionally. Have a clear protocol for handling complaints or concerns, and ensure your guests feel heard and valued.

Q6: How do I create a memorable experience?

A: Personalize the experience with thoughtful touches. Consider leaving a welcome note, local recommendations, or a small gesture like a welcome snack. Pay attention to details that can make their stay unique.

Q7: How can I maintain cleanliness effectively?

A: Stick to a regular cleaning schedule, paying extra attention to high-touch areas. Communicate your commitment to cleanliness, and consider hiring professional cleaners for thorough deep-cleaning sessions.

Q8: Should I engage with guests during their stay?

A: While respecting their privacy, some guests appreciate recommendations or a friendly check-in. Gauge their preference and be available for assistance without being intrusive.

Q9: What about safety and security?

A: Prioritize the safety of your guests. Ensure functional smoke detectors, provide emergency information, and communicate any relevant safety measures. Make them aware of your commitment to their well-being.

Q10: How can I encourage positive reviews?

A: Exceed expectations. Go above and beyond to make their stay memorable, and kindly request feedback upon departure. Address any concerns immediately to enhance the likelihood of positive reviews.

Q11: Any tips for handling special requests?

A: Accommodate special requests whenever possible. Whether it’s an early check-in, dietary preferences, or special occasion arrangements, a flexible and accommodating attitude enhances the guest experience.

Q12: What’s the importance of a well-maintained outdoor space?

A: An inviting outdoor area contributes to a positive guest experience. Ensure outdoor spaces are clean, well-kept, and provide comfortable seating for guests to enjoy.

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