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Paldea Evolved card list

Paldea Evolved drops into the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) like a power-up in the gaming world. Launched on December 9, 2023, it syncs up with the epic Pokémon Scarlet and Violet video games. Get ready to level up your deck with fresh Pokémon, featuring stars like Meowscarada ex, Skeledirge ex, Quaquaval ex, Squawkabilly ex, and more. We’ve composed a Paldea Evolved card list. The expansion brings in game-changing mechanics, starring the mighty Tera Pokémon ex and the Legendary Ruinous Pokémon Wo-Chien and Chi-Yu.

Here’s the lowdown on Paldea Evolved:

New Pokémon: Unlock a squad of new Pokémon inspired by the Scarlet and Violet video games. Meowscarada ex, Skeledirge ex, Quaquaval ex, Squawkabilly ex, and the crew are ready for battle.

New Abilities: Discover game-altering Abilities like Squawkabilly ex’s Squawk and Seize, and Wo-Chien ex’s Covetous Ivy attack. Strategize with these Abilities to turn the tide in your favor.

Tera Pokémon ex: Brace yourself for Tera Pokémon ex – the heavyweights of the Pokémon world. These beasts bring intense power to the game, posing a formidable challenge for opponents.

Legendary Ruinous Pokémon: Meet the Legendary Ruinous Pokémon Wo-Chien and Chi-Yu – true game-changers. These powerhouses can shift the balance of any match, making your battles more intense.

In a nutshell, Paldea Evolved is a must-have expansion for Pokémon TCG enthusiasts. Packed with new Pokémon, groundbreaking mechanics, and a surge of excitement, it’s time to elevate your gaming experience.

Paldea Evolved Card List:

No.NameTypeRetreat CostHPAttackAbility
1HoppipGrass040Skip TurnJumps to the top of the deck.
2SkiploomGrass150Grass KnotDoes 30 damage to your opponent’s Pokémon.
3JumpluffGrass270Cotton SporeYour opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Confused and Paralyzed.
4PinecoBug150HardenPrevents 10 damage from each attack.
5ForretressBug3100Gyro BallDoes 90 damage, then this Pokémon can’t attack next turn.
6HeracrossFighting280Pin MissileDoes 20 damage to 2 of your opponent’s Pokémon.
7TropiusGrass290Solar BeamDoes 100 damage.
8CombeeBug130Sweet AromaDraw 2 cards.
9VespiquenBug280Poison StingYour opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Poisoned.
10SnoverIce150Icicle HammerDoes 40 damage.
11AbomasnowIce2100BlizzardDoes 60 damage and your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Confused.
12SprigatitoGrass160ScratchDoes 20 damage.
13SprigatitoGrass280BiteDoes 30 damage and your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Paralyzed.
14FloragatoGrass3120Leaf BladeDoes 90 damage.
15MeowscaradaGrass270CharmYour opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Confused.
16TarountulaBug160TackleDoes 20 damage.
17TarountulaBug280Poison PowderYour opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Poisoned.
18SpidopsBug250String ShotDoes 20 damage.
19NymbleFighting130Focus PunchDoes 80 damage.
20NymbleFighting260Karate ChopDoes 40 damage.
21LokixFighting130EmberDoes 20 damage.
22BramblinGrass130Vine WhipDoes 20 damage.
23BramblinGrass250Frenzy PlantDoes 60 damage.
24BrambleghastGrass380Leaf StormDoes 90 damage.
25RellorPsychic130ConfusionYour opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Confused.
26RellorPsychic250PsychicDoes 40 damage.
27Wo-ChienPsychic270PsychicDoes 60 damage.
28Paldean TaurosGrass3120Wild ChargeDoes 130 damage.
30TalonflameFlying280Brave BirdDoes 120 damage.
31Wo-Chien exPsychic120PsychicDoes 40 damage.
32Skeledirge exPsychic1100PsychicDoes 120 damage.
33Chi-Yu exFire3150Inferno OverdriveDoes 180 damage.
34Slowking exPsychic3130PsychicDoes 150 damage.
35Quaquaval exWater4240Water GunDoes 200 damage.
36Chien-Pao exFire4240Fire PunchDoes 220 damage.

Paldea Evolved Pro Tips

In the world of Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Paldea Evolved, mastering winning strategies is the key to domination. Check out these game-winning moves to unleash your full potential:

  1. Master the United Wings mechanic: Copying attacks from Pokémon in your discard pile is a game-changer. Choose a few star players with United Wings and shape your deck around them. Regularly toss them into the discard pile to keep your options wide open.
  2. Harness the Abilities: Paldea Evolved brings some heavy-hitting Abilities into play. Take advantage of Squawkabilly ex’s Squawk and Seize Ability to ditch your hand and draw 6 cards on your first turn. Or deploy Wo-Chien ex’s Covetous Ivy attack to dish out damage counters equal to your Energy count.
  3. Unleash Tera Pokémon ex: These beasts are the powerhouses of Paldea Evolved. With massive HP, devastating attacks, and killer Abilities, evolving into a Tera Pokémon ex puts you on the path to victory.
  4. Summon Legendary Ruinous Pokémon: Wo-Chien and Chi-Yu, the Legendary Ruinous Pokémon, are the heavy artillery of Paldea Evolved. Their sheer power can reshape the game, but evolving them requires finesse and a well-thought-out strategy.
  5. Adapt on the fly: The true mark of a Paldea Evolved champion is adaptability. Study your opponent’s deck and playstyle to identify strengths and weaknesses. Craft a dynamic plan to outsmart and conquer.

Gear up, Trainers – these strategies will set you on the path to Pokémon TCG greatness in Paldea Evolved!

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