Yatagarasu Demon List

yatagarasu demon list

In Geometry Dash, Yatagarasu is a custom level crafted by TrusTa, gaining fame for its tough challenges and unique design. Despite its popularity, Geometry Dash doesn’t officially categorize demons specifically associated with Yatagarasu. Demons in the game generally refer to levels considered exceptionally difficult.

For a rundown of demons in Geometry Dash, check the in-game listings. Demons are sorted by difficulty, spanning from Easy Demons to Insane Demons and Extreme Demons. Keep in mind, the community keeps creating new levels, so the demon list is subject to change.

Yatagarasu Demon List:

  • 1. Avernus – A demon level that’ll push your skills to the limit with speedy sections and nail-biting jumps.
  • 2. Acheron – Brace yourself for a demon level that’s both lightning-fast and intensely challenging, featuring wave sections and precise timings.
  • 3. Silent Clubstep – Dive into the depths of difficulty with this demon level, testing your memory and precision through each section.
  • 4. Abyss of Darkness – Conquer a challenging demon level filled with dark hues and tricky wave sections.
  • 5. Kyouki – Tackle a demon level that stands out with its unique and creative obstacles, providing a serious challenge.
  • 6. Slaughterhouse – Embark on a seriously tough demon level, navigating through rapid sections, tight jumps, and demanding memorization.
  • 7. Sakupen Circles – The easiest demon here, but still a formidable challenge that’ll put your skills to the test.
  • 8. Codependence – Confront a challenging and distinctive demon level, featuring gravity portals and intense wave sections.
  • 9. Firework – Take on the challenge of a creative demon level with unique features that will keep you on your toes.
  • 10. KOCMOC – Prepare for a very tough demon level, characterized by tight jumps and demanding memorization.
  • 11. MINUSdry – Conquer a challenging and technical demon level, requiring precision and memorization through tight jumps.
  • 12. LIMBO – Navigate a difficult demon level with sections demanding both memorization and precision.
  • 13. The Lightning Rod – Face a very difficult demon level with tight jumps and intricate memorization requirements.
  • 14. Deimos – Conquer a very difficult demon level with tight jumps and challenging memorization.
  • 15. poocubed – Challenge yourself with a demon level that combines unique features and tight jumps.
  • 16. Saul Goodman – Tackle a very difficult demon level, mastering tight jumps and memorization to emerge victorious.
  • 17. Eyes in the Water – Dive into a challenging demon level, mastering tight jumps and memorization challenges.
  • 18. The Hallucination – Conquer a very difficult demon level, navigating through tight jumps and demanding memorization.
  • 19. Tunnel of Despair – Embrace the challenge of a creative demon level with unique features that will test your skills.
  • 20. Solar Flare – Confront a very difficult demon level, pushing your abilities with tight jumps and intricate memorization.

In Geometry Dash, conquering tough levels like Yatagarasu demands mad skills, serious grind, and some strategic moves. Check out these killer strats to dominate those challenging levels:

  • Practice Mode: Nail down specific sections using Practice Mode. Perfect your moves and tackle tricky parts without restarting the entire level every time.
  • Break it Down: Divide the level into chunks and master each part solo. By acing smaller sections, you can assemble the whole level like a boss.
  • Memorization: For demon levels like Yatagarasu, memorize patterns and timings. Get the layout, obstacles, and rhythm down to muscle memory.
  • Visual Cues: Keep an eye out for visual hints in the level. Geometry Dash drops clues for upcoming obstacles, helping you stay ahead of the game.
  • Consistent Rhythm: Stick to a steady tapping or clicking beat. Smooth inputs keep you cruising through the level, especially in those turbo sections.
  • Patience: Stay chill and keep at it. Challenging levels might need tons of tries, so don’t let fails bring you down. Learn, adapt, and keep pushing.
  • Watch Replays: Scope out successful players’ replays. Learn their moves and tricks for valuable insights and alternative approaches.
  • Customize Controls: Tweak controls to your liking. Finding a comfy setup boosts your accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Take Breaks: If frustration hits, take short breaks. Clear your mind, come back with a fresh outlook, and conquer.
  • Community Support: Dive into the Geometry Dash scene. Forums, videos, and chats have tips, strats, and hype. Sharing war stories with fellow players keeps the motivation flowing.

Remember, ruling in Geometry Dash, especially on beastly levels like Yatagarasu, means grinding hard and learning from every attempt. Enjoy the journey of leveling up and throw a victory dance for each epic win!

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