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bridal shower checklist

Planning a bridal shower is a joyous task that involves meticulous preparation to ensure a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Whether you’re the maid of honor, a close friend or a family member tasked with organizing this special event, our comprehensive bridal shower checklist will guide you through each step. This guide is designed to help you create the perfect bridal shower experience!

1. Early Planning:

Define the Theme:

  • Start by collaborating with the bride to determine the theme of the bridal shower. Whether it’s a garden party, a brunch affair, or a glamorous evening event, having a theme sets the tone for the entire celebration.

Create a Guest List:

  • Work with the bride to compile a list of guests. Ensure you have contact information for invitations and consider any travel constraints for out-of-town guests.

Select a Date and Venue:

  • Choose a date that suits the bride’s schedule and works for key guests. Once the date is set, secure a venue, whether it’s someone’s home, a rented space, or a cozy restaurant.

Set a Budget:

  • Establish a budget early on to guide your planning decisions. This should cover venue rental, decorations, food and beverages, entertainment, and any other expenses.

Send Save-the-Dates:

  • Even before formal invitations, send save-the-dates to give guests ample time to plan their attendance.

2. Invitations and RSVPs:

Design Invitations:

  • Craft visually appealing invitations that reflect the chosen theme. Include essential details such as date, time, venue, RSVP information, and the bride’s gift registry.

Distribute Invitations:

  • Send out invitations at least six weeks before the bridal shower. Consider electronic invitations for convenience, or go the traditional route with paper invites for a personal touch.

☐ Track RSVP:

  • Keep track of RSVPs to finalize catering and other arrangements. Send reminders as the date approaches.

3. Decor and Ambiance:


  • Decorate according to the chosen theme. Consider flowers, balloons, banners and table centerpieces. Ensure the decorations complement the venue.

Table Settings:

  • Plan elegant table settings with coordinating tablecloths, napkins, and place settings. Personalized touches, like name cards or small favors, add a thoughtful element.

Ambiance and Music:

  • Curate a playlist that suits the atmosphere. Soft background music enhances the ambiance without overpowering conversation.

Photo Booth or Backdrop:

  • Create a designated photo booth area with props or a decorative backdrop. This provides a fun activity and captures memorable moments.

4. Food and Beverages:

Catering or Menu Planning:

  • Decide whether you’ll hire a caterer or prepare the food yourself. Ensure the menu aligns with the theme and accommodates any dietary restrictions.


  • Plan a selection of beverages, including non-alcoholic options. Consider a signature drink that complements the theme.

Cake or Desserts:

  • Arrange for a special cake or dessert that ties in with the theme. Cupcakes, macarons, or a dessert table can add a delightful touch.

Cake Cutting Ceremony:

  • If a cake is part of the celebration, plan a cake cutting ceremony. It’s a moment for great photos and adds a traditional touch.

5. Activities and Entertainment:

Games and Icebreakers:

  • Organize games that suit the bride’s personality and preferences. Classics like bridal bingo or a “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” quiz are always crowd-pleasers.

DIY Craft Station:

  • Create a DIY craft station where guests can contribute to a keepsake for the bride, like a scrapbook or advice cards.


  • If the budget allows, consider hiring entertainment, such as a musician, DJ, or even a dance instructor for a fun dance session.

Speeches and Toasts:

  • Allocate time for speeches and toasts. Coordinate with speakers to ensure everyone has an opportunity to share their sentiments.

6. Gift Opening and Display:

Gift Table:

  • Set up a designated gift table with a decorative tablecloth. Ensure there’s enough space for guests to leave their presents.

Gift Opening Session:

  • Plan a segment for the bride to open gifts. Ensure there’s a designated person to record the gifts and send thank-you notes later.

Display Gift Registry Information:

  • Include information about the bride’s gift registry on the invitations or at the event. This helps guests choose meaningful presents.

7. Photography and Memories:

Hire a Photographer (or Designate One):

  • Capture the special moments by hiring a photographer or designating someone to take photos throughout the event.

Memory Book or Guest Book:

  • Set up a memory book or guest book where guests can leave heartfelt messages and well wishes for the bride.

Photo Slideshow:

  • Create a photo slideshow showcasing the bride’s journey from childhood to engagement. This adds a personal and sentimental touch.

8. Party Favors and Thank-You Notes:

Party Favors:

  • Prepare party favors that align with the theme. These could be small items like scented candles, personalized keychains, or custom cookies.

Thank-You Notes:

  • Express gratitude by sending thank-you notes to guests after the event. Personalize each note with a heartfelt message.

9. Attire and Dress Code:

Bride’s Attire:

  • Coordinate with the bride to ensure her attire matches the theme and formality of the event.

Guest Dress Code:

  • Include a suggested dress code on the invitations to guide guests in selecting appropriate attire.

10. Emergency Kit and Coordination:

Emergency Kit:

  • Prepare an emergency kit with essentials like safety pins, band-aids, and a small sewing kit for any unforeseen mishaps.

Coordination Team:

  • Assemble a coordination team, including a point person for vendors, a host, and someone responsible for time management.

Planning a bridal shower involves careful consideration of details to ensure a memorable celebration for the bride-to-be. This checklist serves as a comprehensive guide, covering every aspect of the planning process. By following these steps, you’ll not only create a beautiful and enjoyable event. Here’s to hosting a bridal shower that becomes a cherished chapter in the bride’s journey to “I do.”

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