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vstar universe card list

VSTAR Universe, an epic expansion in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), hit Japan in August 2022, marking the grand finale of the Sword & Shield era. This game-changer introduces the mighty VSTAR Pokémon, elusive Radiant Pokémon and a game-shaking addition, the Trainer Supporters. We composed a VSTAR Universe card list for you below.

VSTAR Pokémon: Unleash a new breed of Pokémon prowess with VSTAR moves, packing a punch that can turn the tide of any game.

Radiant Pokémon: Discover the rare and powerful Radiant Pokémon, exclusive to VSTAR Universe, adding a touch of mystery and strength to your collection.

Trainer Supporters: Introducing a game-changer – Trainer Supporters. These cards bring unmatched power to your Pokémon, making each play a strategic masterpiece.

VSTAR Universe Card List

V Cards:

  1. Arceus & Giratina & Dialga-GX
  2. Blastoise V
  3. Charizard V
  4. Charizard VSTAR
  5. Charizard VMAX
  6. Cresselia V
  7. Darkrai V
  8. Deoxys VSTAR
  9. Dialga V
  10. Dragonite VSTAR
  11. Gardevoir V
  12. Giratina V
  13. Greninja V
  14. Leafeon V
  15. Lugia V
  16. Machamp V
  17. Mewtwo V
  18. Rayquaza V
  19. Shaymin V
  20. Sylveon V
  21. Urshifu V (Rapid Strike Form)
  22. Urshifu V (Single Strike Form)

VSTAR Cards:

  1. Deoxys VSTAR
  2. Mewtwo VSTAR
  3. Palkia VSTAR
  4. Rayquaza VSTAR
  5. Shaymin VSTAR
  6. Sylveon VSTAR
  7. Zygarde VSTAR

VMAX Cards:

  1. Charizard VMAX
  2. Greninja VMAX
  3. Urshifu VMAX (Rapid Strike Form)
  4. Urshifu VMAX (Single Strike Form)

Radiant Cards:

  1. Charizard Radiant
  2. Dialga Radiant
  3. Palkia Radiant
  4. Zygarde Radiant

Trainer Cards:

  1. Professor’s Research
  2. Quick Ball
  3. Evolution Incense
  4. Level Ball
  5. Switch
  6. Professor’s Path
  7. Capture Energy

Energy Cards:

  1. Fire Energy
  2. Grass Energy
  3. Lightning Energy
  4. Psychic Energy
  5. Water Energy
  6. Double Colorless Energy

Promo Cards:

  1. Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX (Alt Art)
  2. Charizard V (Alt Art)
  3. Mewtwo VSTAR (Alt Art)
  4. Rayquaza VSTAR (Alt Art)

For all you Pokémon TCG enthusiasts, VSTAR Universe is the treasure trove you’ve been waiting for. It’s not just an expansion; it’s your golden ticket to completing your Sword & Shield era collection and snagging some of the rarest, most formidable cards in the game.

Why You’ll Love VSTAR Universe:

  • VSTAR Pokémon: Elevate your game with these power-packed Pokémon.
  • Trainer Supporters: Redefine strategy with game-changing Trainer cards.
  • Radiant Pokémon: Unearth the rarest gems for an unbeatable collection.
  • Character Rares and Alternate Art Pokémon: Elevate your deck with unique and captivating visuals.

VSTAR Universe is not just a set, it’s a Pokémon TCG legend. Dive into the final chapter of Sword & Shield and seize the most iconic and commanding cards in the game. Your collection deserves it. Get ready to level up!

Ready to dominate VSTAR Universe? Check out these gamer-approved strategies:

1. Crush with VSTAR Pokémon: These bad boys rule the roost, so make them the backbone of your deck. Whether you’re unleashing mayhem or defending, choose the ones that align with your gaming style.

2. Build Synergy with Radiant Pokémon: Radiant Pokémon pack a punch, but they can be elusive. Craft your deck around them and throw in cards like Professor’s Research and Level Ball to snag them consistently.

3. Command with Trainer Supporters: Power up your squad strategically. Use Trainer Supporters like a pro—Professor’s Path for crucial draws or Capture Energy for a quick energy boost.

4. Test Out Different Strategies: Don’t settle for the norm. Experiment with diverse strategies. Crush opponents with Charizard VSTAR, mess with minds using Mewtwo VSTAR, or seize early dominance with Radiant Pokémon. Find your winning playstyle!

Level up, strategize and conquer VSTAR Universe like a true gaming legend!

If you’re diving into Pokémon TCG and hungering for more gaming adventures, check out these TCG counterparts that might just scratch that itch:

  1. Magic: The Gathering (MTG): The OG TCG that spawned a revolution. MTG is like the grandmaster of strategic card battles, with a massive player community and an insane array of spell-slinging possibilities.
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Fast-paced duels, epic monsters, and game-changing cards – Yu-Gi-Oh! is a powerhouse TCG that fuels the adrenaline junkie in you.
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  6. Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (FFTCG): Immerse yourself in the world of Final Fantasy with this TCG. Legendary characters and strategic battles await.
  7. Keyforge: Prepare for a twist – every deck is unique! Dive into creature battles and aim to forge those keys for victory.
  8. Battle Spirits: Summon spirits, engage in fierce battles – Battle Spirits brings a unique flavor to the TCG scene with its thematic sets.

Gear up, gamer! Each of these TCGs is a realm waiting to be conquered. Explore, strategize and show them who’s boss!

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