Dislyte Tier List

Dislyte tier list

Hey fellow gamers, Dislyte rocks a turn-based combat system that lets you strategize and unleash crazy combos with your Espers. We composed this Dislyte tier list to help you enjoy this game even more. You’ve gotta be smart about using their unique skills, combining them and playing to their elemental strengths to crush the tough opponents and dive deep into the story quests.

Now, let’s talk about the real stars – the Espers. We’re not just talking Norse warriors here; we’ve got Chinese goddesses and each Esper has their own look, personality and set of skills. Collect, upgrade and level up these bad boys to create an unstoppable dream team.

Here’s the Espers Dislyte tier list:

S Tier:

  • Toland (Tezcatlipoca): The all-around champ who can control crowds and deal serious damage.
  • Valeria (Quetzalcoatl): The tough tank with healing skills to keep your team going strong.
  • Yamato (Izanagi): A powerhouse for physical damage, plus some handy debuffs.
  • Fatum Sisters (Nornir): A trio of support pros, rocking both debuffs and team buffs.
  • Leora (Athena): The magic maestro with a knack for crowd control.

A Tier:

  • Gaius (Zeus): A physical damage force with buffs to boot.
  • Yuuhime (Izanami): Magical damage dealer with some serious debuff skills.
  • Sally (Sif): A physical damage dealer with a side of debuffs.
  • Feng Nuxi (Nuwa): Magic powerhouse with strong buffs.
  • Lin Xiao (White Tiger): Physical damage dealer with crowd control moves.

B Tier:

  • Gabrielle (Njord): Support specialist bringing in buffs and healing.
  • Unas (Shu): Support pro with debuffs and crowd control.
  • Everett (Tyr): Tank with serious damage mitigation and debuffs.
  • Ahmed (Geb): Support master with debuffs and sustain.
  • Lucas (Apollo): Physical damage dealer packing debuffs and healing.

C Tier:

  • Clara (Hera): Support expert with buffs and crowd control.
  • Brewster (Garmr): Tank with damage mitigation and crowd control.
  • Ashley (Heimdall): Support with debuffs and healing.
  • Ophelia (Thanatos): Magical damage dealer causing chaos with debuffs and silence.
  • Ife (Meretseger): Support whiz with debuffs and healing.

Remember, this is just a general guide and the best Esper for you might vary depending on the specific challenges you’re facing. Feel free to mix it up and find what works best for your style of play!

These Espers aren’t your cookie-cutter bunch; they’re a mix of backgrounds and cultures and their personalities are all over the map, just like the gods they’re channeling. It’s a wild ride through a world buzzing with intrigue and conflict and it’s got us feeling like these characters are our ride-or-die crew.

Now, the cool twist in Dislyte is how the Espers’ powers match their personalities. Take Toland, the Aztec god of chaos and bam, he’s this time-and-space-bending trickster. Then you’ve got Valeria, the wind goddess, doing her healer and protector thing, throwing up shields like it’s nothing. So use this Dislyte tier list wisely.

But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine – the relationships between these Espers are a whole rollercoaster. Some are best buds, others are throwing shade at each other and a few might as well be mortal enemies. The whole game’s buzzing with tension and clashes between factions, keeping the story on the edge and making it impossible to predict what’s gonna happen next.

To level up your character in Dislyte, there are some cool tricks you gotta know. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Power up your Espers: Get those Espers in top shape by leveling them up, ascending them and resonating them. It’s like giving them a boost – their stats go up and they unlock some fresh moves.
  2. Gear them up: Suit up your Espers with gear you find during story mode, bounties and events. Gear makes them even stronger, so keep an eye out for those upgrades.
  3. Learn the ropes: As your Espers level up, they pick up new skills. Don’t snooze on these – learn them pronto to amp up their damage and usefulness.
  4. Team assembly: Mix and match your Espers wisely. Build a dream team with a bit of everything – damage dealers, tanks and healers. Balance is the key, my friend.
  5. Get experimental: No one said there’s only one way to do things. Try out different builds for your Espers until you find the sweet spot that works for you.
  6. Guild life: Don’t go solo – join a guild! You get to throw down in guild battles and events. Plus, your guild buddies can hook you up with resources and backup.

Stick to these tips and you’ll be leveling up like a pro, cruising through the game at warp speed.

In Dislyte, conquer battles with these strategies:

  1. Balanced Team: Balance DPS, support, and tanks for offense and defense.
  2. Esper Synergies: Combine unique abilities for powerful combos.
  3. AP Mechanics: Prioritize Espers with high AP for strategic advantage.
  4. Debuffs and Buffs: Weaken foes and enhance your team’s abilities.
  5. Optimize Relics: Upgrade relics for added stats and effects.
  6. Target Specific Enemies: Focus on high-threat enemies.
  7. Manage Energy: Conserve and strategically use energy for ultimate skills.
  8. Learn Enemy Abilities: Anticipate and counter enemy moves.
  9. Optimize Gear: Equip Espers with the best gear.
  10. Explore Formations: Experiment with battlefield formations for optimal placement.

Hats off to the Dislyte devs – they’ve spun a world that’s not just fun to play but feels legit. The way these characters bounce off each other is like the secret sauce that keeps us hitting that play button. If you’re into games that serve up a mix of engaging and believable worlds, Dislyte is the real deal and you’ll keep craving more. Hope this Dislyte tier list can help you enjoy it even more.

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