Azur Lane Tier List

azur lane tier list

Dive into the gaming seas, mateys! Azur Lane, the epic side-scrolling shoot ’em up, is your ticket to a free-to-play mobile adventure. Developed by Manjuu and Yongshi, published by Yostar, this game sails through an alternate universe where World War II warships transform into fierce shipgirls. We present you an Azur Lane Tier list.

Take command as the master strategist, assembling a fleet of these anthropomorphized war machines to clash against rival players and AI enemies.

Game Modes Ahoy! Azur Lane offers a treasure trove of modes—story mode for epic tales, PvP for fierce showdowns, and cooperative mode for teaming up against common foes. Gather resources like coins, oil, and XP to pimp up your shipgirls and gear.

Here be the game’s key features:

  1. Shipgirl Bonanza: Over 400 warships gone anthropomorphic, each flaunting its unique personality and abilities. Collect ’em all, captain!
  2. Shoot ‘Em Up Madness: Brace for side-scrolling chaos! Blast through enemy hordes, master dodges, and unleash the fury of shipgirls’ powerful weaponry.
  3. Fleet Mastery: Rule the waves! Level up your shipgirls, gear them up with epic weaponry, and forge strategic fleets that own the high seas.
  4. World Exploration: Get lost in a vast, engaging world. Immerse yourself in the storyline, ride the seasonal event waves, and battle it out with rivals in intense PvP showdowns.

Azur Lane has earned its stripes for its unique art style, engaging gameplay, and a gacha system that’s as generous as a pirate with a heart of gold. With over 25 million downloads and translated into 14 languages, it’s a gaming voyage worth embarking on.

If anime, warships, or just pure mobile gaming fun tickles your fancy, hoist the anchor and set sail for Azur Lane—it’s a gaming treasure waiting to be plundered!

Azur Lane Tier List:

Tier 0Shinano, FdG, New Jersey, Hakuryuu, WarspiteCarrier
Richelieu, Centaur, Ark Royal, Formidable, Roon, Ulrich von HuttenBattleship/Cruiser
Helena, Ryuuhou, PerseusDestroyer
Taihou, EnterpriseCarrier
Azuma, Champagne, Saint LouisBattleship/Cruiser
Vittorio Veneto, Monarch, AmagiBattleship
Baltimore, Sirius, ChapayevCruiser
Kitakaze, FletcherDestroyer
Tier 1Kaga, Graf Zeppelin, Illustrious, Bismarck, Jean Bart, TirpitzCarrier
Alabama, Iowa, Vanguard, Gneisenau, Tirpitz, SiegfriedBattleship/Cruiser
Tashkent, Neptune, Duca degli Abruzzi, CheshireCruiser
Ayanami, Yukikaze, AyanamiDestroyer
Prinz Eugen, Graf Spee, Chapayev, Gascogne, Zara, RoonBattleship/Cruiser
Z23, Laffey, Z46, Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Nagato, Mutsu, Izumo, VanguardBattleship
Cleveland, Edinburgh, Saint LouisCruiser
Yukikaze, AyanamiDestroyer
Tier 2Taihou, Enterprise, Souryuu, Hiryuu, AkagaCarrier
Arizona, Hood, Queen Elizabeth, Nelson, VanguardBattleship/Cruiser
Leander, Sheffield, Belfast, Helena, SandyCruiser
Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Warspite, Graf Zeppelin, Illustrious, Saratoga, Kaga, Hiryuu, Souryuu, AkagiCarrier
Richelieu, North Carolina, South Carolina, Gneisenau, TirpitzBattleship/Cruiser
Tashkent, Neptune, Duca degli Abruzzi, CheshireCruiser
Fletcher, Nicholas, Z23, Laffey, Z46, Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Tier 3Bogue, Intrepid, Ranger, Shouhou, RyuujouCarrier
Colorado, West Virginia, Maryland, King George V, IowaBattleship
Portland, Leander, Sheffield, Belfast, Helena, SandyCruiser
Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu, Hiryuu, TaihouCarrier
Warspite, Illustrious, Saratoga, Graf ZeppelinBattleship/Cruiser
Aurora, Tashkent, Neptune, Duca degli Abruzzi, CheshireCruiser
FDG, New Jersey, HakuryuuCarrier
Fletcher, Nicholas, Z23, Laffey, Z46, Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Tier 4Ranger, Shouhou, RyuujouCarrier
Kongou, Hiei, Kirishima, Haruna, Hiryuu, Souryuu, Kaga, AkagiBattleship/Cruiser
Phoenix, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Laffey, Z23, Ayanami, YukikazeCruiser
Z46, Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Saratoga, Graf ZeppelinBattleship/Cruiser
Aurora, Tashkent, Neptune, Duca degli Abruzzi, CheshireCruiser
Fletcher, Nicholas, Z23, Laffey, Z46, Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Tier 5Reppu, Ryuusei, SuiseiCarrier
Fusō, Yamashiro, Haruna, Ise, Kongou, Hiei, KirishimaBattleship/Cruiser
Phoenix, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Leander, SheffieldCruiser
Z23, Laffey, AyanamiDestroyer
Saratoga, Graf ZeppelinBattleship/Cruiser
Neptune, Duca degli Abruzzi, CheshireCruiser
Fletcher, Nicholas, Z23, Laffey, Z46, Ayanami, YukikazeDestroyer
Azur Lane Tier List

Winning Strategies

Ready to chart a course to victory in Azur Lane? Here’s your treasure map—strategic tips to conquer the high seas:

Compose Effective Fleets:

  1. Balanced Frontline and Backline: Mix it up! Ensure your fleet boasts destroyers, cruisers, and battleships for the ultimate firepower, durability, and support blend.
  2. Consider Enemy Composition: Spy on those rival fleets. Counter their moves by adjusting your lineup. Torpedo-focused destroyers for a strong frontline? Avast, let the counter-attack commence!
  3. Equipment Selection: Gear matters. Equip your ships with top-notch weaponry. Unleash the power of researched and developed gear blueprints for that extra oomph.

Manage Resources Efficiently:

  1. Resource Allocation: Don’t spread thin, mate. Upgrade your ships and gear like a true strategist. Strengthen that core fleet; the scattered approach won’t do!
  2. Resource Farming: Be a resource pirate! Hit those daily and event missions for efficient loot. Auto-search options save time, letting you amass riches in style.
  3. Dock Expansion: Expand that dock! More space means more shipgirl variety. Aye, a bigger dock is a captain’s best friend.

Practice and Experimentation:

  1. Manual Control: Take the helm! Practice manual combat for full control. Navigate your fleet through challenges and PvP battles like a seasoned sea captain.
  2. Fleet Experimentation: Play the alchemist. Mix and match fleets and gear setups until you find your winning combo. Your playstyle, your rules!
  3. Seek Guidance: Navigate the seas wisely. Harness the wisdom of experienced players through online resources, guides, and community forums. Learn, adapt, and become the captain legends speak of.

Ready to claim victory, Captain? With these tips, you’ll rule the waves and leave rival fleets in your wake. Onward to triumph!

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