Tower of Fantasy Tier List

tower of fantasy tier list

Tower of Fantasy, crafted by Hotta Studio and unleashed by Level Infinite, is the ultimate gaming adventure you’ve been waiting for! It’s a free-to-play open-world action RPG that throws you into the wild wonders of the distant planet Aida – a futuristic realm pulsating with anime vibes that’ll blow your mind.

As a fearless Wanderer, you’ll roam the untamed landscapes, battling mutant creatures, and uncovering the planet’s mind-bending secrets. Brace yourself for a visual feast with Tower of Fantasy’s jaw-dropping anime-inspired art style. Every nook and cranny of Aida is bursting with intricate details, and the characters? They’re not just pixels – they’re expressive, one-of-a-kind warriors.

Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Character Tier List

  • S Tier: Fei-Se, Liu-Huo, Yu-Lan, Ming-Jing, Mimi, Fiona
  • A Tier: Icarus, Saki Fuwa, Shiro, Gnonno, Annabella, Zero, Lyra, Cocoritter
  • B Tier: Alyss, Frigg, Nemesis, Rubilia, Tian Lang, Umi
  • C Tier: Cobalt-B, Crow, Lulu

Weapon Tier List

  • S Tier: Heavy Pistil, Pine Comet, Unity, Onyx Tortoise, Meng Zhang, Moonstar Bracelet
  • A Tier: Precious One, Heartstream, Chakram of the Seas, Little Hurricane, Cross Sniper, Negating Cube, Vespers, Absolute Zero
  • B Tier: Frost Star, Starfall, Divine Grace, Blood Reaper, Stormbringer
  • C Tier: Dark Blade, Dark Bow, Starfall, Wind Scythe

Element Tier List

  • S Tier: Flame, Frost
  • A Tier: Physical, Volt

Team Composition Tier List

  • S Tier: Fiona-Zeke-Canono
  • A Tier: Fiona-Yulon-Icarus
  • B Tier: Fiona-Lil’Ho Lan
  • C Tier: Fiona-Fenra-Rubilia

Game Mode Tier List

  • S Tier: Story, Challenge, Vault
  • A Tier: Guild Boss, World Boss
  • B Tier: Arena
  • C Tier: PvP

Overall Tier List

  • S Tier: Tower of Fantasy
  • A Tier: Great game
  • B Tier: Good game
  • C Tier: Okay game

Prepare to be hooked on open-world exploration! Aida isn’t your grandma’s garden – it’s a vast playground teeming with hidden treasures and lurking dangers. Scale mountains, dive into rivers, and plunge into the heart of treacherous ruins. It’s a gamer’s paradise waiting to be conquered!

Gear up for heart-thumping action combat that’ll have your adrenaline pumping. Take on mutant hordes and other foes in fast-paced battles where your skills and an arsenal of weapons are your best allies. Unleash your inner warrior and emerge victorious in epic showdowns!

But wait, there’s more – personalize your own Wanderer! Tweak their appearance, mold their personality, and define their playstyle. Tower of Fantasy isn’t just a game; it’s your canvas, and you’re the artist creating a masterpiece.

Feeling social? Team up with your gaming squad for co-op gameplay that takes the excitement to the next level. Together, you’ll tackle challenging quests and face off against menacing bosses. It’s not just a game; it’s a team sport!

And let’s not forget the mind-blowing storyline. Tower of Fantasy dives deep into themes of hope, survival, and the enigmatic Omnium power. Use this Tower of Fantasy tier list wisely! Get ready for a narrative rollercoaster that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

In a nutshell, Tower of Fantasy isn’t your run-of-the-mill game – it’s a visual spectacle, an action-packed thrill ride, and a storytelling masterpiece rolled into one. Dive in, embrace the adventure, and let the gaming magic unfold!

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